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Welcome Letter with Introduction Video Link


I'm always on the lookout to make extra money...
Selling products is NOT my favorite way to make extra money...
I'm not a "Hey let's have a party, invite all your friends to buy stuff" kind of gal... I know this because I've tried several different Direct Sales Companies in the past, and while I loved the product in each one...I'm just not the party type.

I also hear others say "Affiliate Marketing" is a great way to get people to purchase other people's products/courses and then you get paid a set amount for each sale/click. But guess what....that is still trying to get people to purchase something.

THIS OPPORTUNITY is not like a Direct Sales Company (MLM). It is classified as an "Affiliate Marketing" program BUT there is nothing to "SELL".

What you are "Selling" is an opportunity for everyone to make EXTRA MONEY.

If you are interested check out this video they just published explaining the program. It is 45 minutes long:

Program Overview


Go to "What to do next" below and enter your information to receive your FREE MINING ASSESSMENT to see if your location is eligible.

Thanks for sticking with me here and giving this a shot.
Let's make some money together!!


what to do next

Step by step

Step 1. Fill out the Mining Assessment Form

In the next section you will see a video explaining more about the Dynamic Hosting Affiliate Program with iHub Global. After watching it we need to see if your location qualifies you for the program, Please fill out the Mining Assessment Form. Don't forget to list who "Referred" you to this page.  Everyone on our team has access to utilize the information on this page.

Step 2. Receive the Assessment by email/text

Once the Assessment is sent to you, you have 24 hours after opening it to follow the steps to sign up and secure your location.

Step 3. Once you secure your location and join

You will be signed up and will have login credentials to get into the back office to watch the training videos and have access to the FREE version of HeliumTrack .

Step 4. Refer Others

While you wait for your HotSpot to arrive you can go ahead and start to refer others. If you would like them to have a mining assessment sent to them please have them reference this page and put YOU as the "Referred by" person. Carey the team leader will send you an email  so you can send out the Mining Assessment form to your new recruit.

CRM form will load here