Careful Fund Castle Family with Christian New Hope Trust

12MOFP - 12 Month Financial Plan

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is within a matter of days you will create a plan to track your finances in a 12 month span.

Details BankCredit Cards
Incomemoney in
Expenses money out
Optional: Milestone Tracking
Video of Possibilities

The plan is structured so that you are doing a full 12 months, no matter if you start in the middle of the year or in the middle of a month. Completely flexible and always lets you see 12 months in the future (because who wants to think you "missed" planning for your future because you didn't start January 1st).

All roads lead to a spreadsheet - As data driven as the world is today it is nice to have everything in one location.  No more trying to remember where you saved your important information. Everything from your current 12 Month Financial Plan to "Coming Soon" Major Life Milestones. We are talking about data for your job, house, kids, health, hobbies, vacation, retirement planning, etc. This plan builds the foundation so you can open one folder from anywhere in the world.

Goal is for you to only spend a minimumal...

amount of time in the next few days to have the next 12 months of your financial life planned out. 

Goal:  quick and easy (no prior spreadsheet experience needed)

After you are finished with the setup...

you will have a fully functioning 12 month plan that only needs to be updated as often as you feel comfortable tracking your expenses. That could be a quick daily update to weekly to even monthly once you get proficient at it. 

Tracking: is on your schedule, quick daily or update weekly to a monthly overview

Allows you to Carefully Fund Your Life...

and adjust your plan as you go so that you will always be able to pay bills AND enjoy your life. No more worrying if you can pay for everything again. Optional Major Milestones Planning coming.

Milestones: tracking details of as many milestones as you may need