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Benefits of this new way of investing:

  • Investment periods of 15 days up to 360 days at a time
  • Withdraw at the end of the investment period or reinvest to build long term Financial Freedom
  • Guaranteed profit amount stated at the launch
  • Current Earning rates start at 15% for 15 days up to 480% for 360 days

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Current Earning Rates

When you go to invest, you choose how many days you want your money tied up. 

The system tells you how much you will earn at the end of the time period, based on how much you invested.

This chart shows your current earnings at different investment price points based on the days invested.

Ex:  You invest $500 for 90 days. You earn $601. The total you now have to withdraw or reinvest is ($500 + $601) $1,101

Days  $500 invested = earnings $1,000 invested = earnings $2,000 invested = earnings
1515% for $76--
45 46% for $228 46% for $456 -
90 120% for $601 120% for $1,202 -
180240% for $1,202240% for $2,405240% for $4,810
270-361% for $3,607361% for $7,214
360-480% for $9,595

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